Search Help

To search using a search term:
Enter the search term in the search field and press Enter. The search results will include any resource that contains your search term in the title or in its contents. If you’re looking for more than one word together, such as “car loan,” put quotation marks around the words.

To search by RESOURCE TYPE:
Select the resource type beneath RESOURCE TYPES (for example, if you only want to see videos, select Videos). To search all resource types, choose Select All beneath RESOURCE TYPES.

To search by topic TAGS:
Enter the topic in the search field beneath 
TAGS, select the topic from the list, and press Enter. You can also select a tag on a displayed resource “tile.” For example, if you see the tag Homeownership with a plus sign on a displayed resource tile, you can select it to display only resources about homeownership. To stop searching by a topic, de-select the topic tag beneath TAGS to remove it.